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Once Seen..2007..acrylic on Board
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Brenda Unwin

(b. Lincolnshire) studied at Great Yarmouth  College of Art & Design and Leicester Polytechnic Fine Art Painting & ATD.

Inspiration in recent years has come from  walks –
a personal response in the abstract. In 2002 Brenda spent part of a sabbatical year walking in Peru. Drawings and paintings from the Andean walks series were featured in  the August / September 2002 exhibition at Elm Hill Contemporary Art.

Brenda’s paintings,  predominantly oil on canvas, have thinly applied layers of glazing that allow colours to resonate.

Memories are distilled through the process of remembering and forgetting, and the works evolve from her sifting and sorting of colours, textures and shapes which become the raw material for the paintings, with colour being the dominant component. Brenda refers to non-figurative work allowing others free entry; “a  ... non-denominational art of the spirit”.

Recent work whilst still primarily concerned with colour relationships and the  materiality of paint also reveals an acute awareness of the immediacy of visual  perception and the transience of that experience.