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No Return..oil on canvas
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John Loker

Born Leeds 1938, studied graphic design at Bradford College of Art and Design and painting at the Royal College of Art 1954 - 1963. Has had numerous solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe and has shown regularly at Flowers East and the Wetering Galerie (Amsterdam) since 1970. His participation in group exhibitions is extensive and he is represented in many public collections including Tate Gallery, V&A, British Council, Arts Council and Power Institute Sydney.

Current series of works are entitled ‘Rolling Closure’ : a term used in cycle racing to describe the way in which a route is

closed to traffic as a race approaches and opened as it passes, causing the minimum disruption to the normal state. Elements and images in the work: the whale’s tail, the wiper, desert debris etc. being like icons on a computer screen - click and they open. To quote John: “painting is clicking, to open up the potential and take the images beyond the literal. ‘Rolling Closure' seems to parallel the idea of constantly moving forward and digging deeper into an experience and is fast becoming my working title.”