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Relief with Diagonals
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Mary Mellor

b Wales, studied law (called to the Bar in 1962.
Norwich School of Art (1979-84)

Mary has exhibited her painted wood ‘reliefs’ at the gallery since 1999. These works are concerned with the effects of differing levels combined with shifting tones, colours and patterns. Minute variations of one or more colours are used in both her 3-D and painted work. Whether colours are harmonious or contrasting, a peaceful and contemplative effect is sought.

There may be an interplay of dark and light, or warm and cool, making a pattern which simplifies the overall effect. Much of the work is influenced by the classical rules of composition. Patterns are made from verticals and horizontals, interwoven in the most recent pieces with
fractured disgonal forms. Some reliefs have shadows painted on, creating trompe l'oeil effects.

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